how it works


Flea Light Step 1

Step 1:

Choose any location in your room, take the light and plug into 110v wall outlet, with the LED Light facing downward toward the floor.

Flea Light Step 2

Step 2:

Take bowl and fill 3/4 full of water. Then add a few drops of dish soap (any brand will do).  Using dish soap, breaks the surface tension of the water and allows the fleas to sink to the bottom. (Fleas cannot survive under water)

Flea Light Step 3

Step 3:

Place bowl directly under the light and you’re all done! Check the bowl daily and empty if needed, then repeat steps 2 & 3.


Bowl of Fleas:  Trapped within a 3-day period, with the flea light left on 24 hours per/day.  We had a single room heavily infested with fleas and they kept growing.  They quickly spread throughout the other rooms of the house and we had no choice but to place 3 flea lights in each room.  Within 30 days, we were able to kill all fleas in the home and all the bowls were empty.

Bowl of Fleas 3

Bowl of Flying Ants:  These flying ants are relentless and always found a way to enter our home through cracks in the walls and windows sills.  We had a hot Florida summer in which these flying ants found a way into our home during the evenings and after rain storms.  We had a traditional bug lights in our home, but for some reason these ants really liked the bright white glow of the LED lights and was completely drawn to the bowls instead.   Once we figured out which room these flying ants were coming from, we placed a single flea light on the countertop and instantly began catching them.  After about 7 days we were able to catch all of these flying ants seen in the photo below.

2016-06-10 19.00.59

Bowl of Wasps:  One day I noticed we had wasps flying around our back yard.  That was strange considering our back yard was screened in with a lanai.  It turns out that there was a wasps nest in one of the trees and I figured I use the Flea Light outside to see if they would be lured into the bowl.  To my amazement, our flea light trapped baby wasps, as seen in the photos below within 10 days of having the light on 24/7.




There’s no rocket science involved with this trap….Fleas and insects are attracted to light.  If you have them in your home, they will inevitably land inside the bowl.  With that being said, having a completely empty bowl over a period of time, would indicate a flea and insect free environment.